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Chestnut Finishing Oil

Picture of Chestnut Finishing Oil
A blend of oils including tung oil; suitable for interior use (especially kitchens and bathrooms) and exterior use (including garden furniture and ornaments).

From £12.00

Chestnut Food Safe Oil

Picture of Chestnut Food Safe Oil
Food Safe Finish is a clear food grade oil for use with salad bowls, cheese boards and other items which come into contact with foodstuffs.

From £12.00

Chestnut Lemon Oil

Picture of Chestnut Lemon Oil
Manufactured using lemongrass oil, Lemon Oil gives a virtually matt, non-tacky finish to bare timber whilst enhancing the feel of the wood and leaving a pleasant lemon aroma.


Chestnut Tung Oil

Picture of Chestnut Tung Oil
A natural oil used extensively on outdoor furniture and fittings and worktops and table tops. Resistant to heat and water.

From £11.00