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Chestnut Acrylic Lacquer

Picture of Chestnut Acrylic Lacquer
A water based lacquer which can be used either straight onto bare wood or over Chestnut Products’ Acrylic or Cellulose Sanding Sealers.

From £10.89

Chestnut Ebonising Lacquer 400ml

Picture of Chestnut Ebonising Lacquer 400ml
A quick drying pigmented acrylic lacquer designed to coat most timbers to mimic the classic look of ebony in an easy to use aerosol to ensure a smooth finish.


Chestnut Melamine Lacquer

Picture of Chestnut Melamine Lacquer
A quick drying, hard wearing lacquer with a melamine additive which provides improved heat and water resistance. Once dry, the lacquer chemically ‘cures’ achieving maximum durability after seven days.

From £13.00