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Marshalltown MXS73D Cement Trowel 14x4.3/4"

Durasoft handle
Manufacturer: Marshalltown
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  • MXS Cement trowel designed with the balance, flexibilty and toughness required for finishing cement.
  • Since Marshalltown Trowels are not welded, there is no embrittlement problem to cause premature breaking.The extra large toe rivet adds additional strength at this point.
  • The exclusive Diamond Shank fits exactly into the square hole of the bass wood handle to eliminate turn. Hardened steel rivets properly sized and computer fitted for added strength are used to attach the blade to the mounting. 
  • Marshalltown Finishing Trowels, whether for concrete or plaster, are crafted from the highest quality materials using the best design standards, blades are cross-ground to hold their shape. The aluminium alloy mountings are fully heat treated for strength, they are polished and machine-finished to ensure a perfect handle-to-post-fit.

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Picture of M/TMXS73D

M/TMXS73D MXS73D Cement Trowel Durasoft Handle 14x4.3/4in

Size. 350 x 120mm ( 14 x 4.3/4" )

Durasoft Handle

Old price:  £50.64
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