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BMI two Comp Tape 5m Metric Only

A range of high quality, chunky tapes with tough cases from one of Germany's leading manufacturers of measuring equipment.
Manufacturer: BMI
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Key Features

  • 5m x 19mm wide
  • Absolutely waterproof


This pocket tape measure has very robust mechanics with high durability. The complex structure of the band guarantees long-lasting readability. The decimal numbers are in red for better visibility. The band automatically rolls itself back into the housing, and can be locked to length with a stopper button. There is a middle setting on the button that allows the band to be adjusted in or out slightly with one hand. The housing is made of shock-resistant ABS plastic with a soft component for a better grip. The other components are made of stainless steel and so designed to be used both inside and outside in all weathers. 

Case 70 x 70 x 36 mm

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