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Titebond Original Wood Glue is the industry standard for woodworking. It provides a strong initial tack and fast speed of set to reduce clamp time.
£6.40 £7.98
The Mini Carver is the newest version of the Mini Grinder, taking one of our most popular wood carving tools to the next level. With additional features and functionality the Mini Carver is now even better at taking users through rough shaping, sculpting and sanding stages, seamlessly.
£250.00 £256.98
Multi tool by name multi purpose by nature
£126.95 £145.00
There is no better kit for someone sharpening with waterstones for the first time.
£49.50 £85.98
Sharpen plane irons and chisels; blades from 12mm to 72mm wide
£66.50 £69.99
£95.00 £99.00
These finely crafted kitchen knives blend traditional Japanese laminated blade construction with modern materials.
£30.99 £61.50
For cleaning flat surfaces or grooves in materials like plastic or steel.
From £2.85
Ideal for intricate furniture restoration, cabinet making etc.
£22.00 £26.99
Small, bullet shaped, silicon carbide grinding stone.
From £1.30
Ideal for shaping, hollowing, grooving, slotting, inlaying and making tapered holes. Use on wood, fiberglass, ceramics, plastic, jewelry and soft metals.
From £4.60
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Two options 35mm or 160mm long for tight spots
£5.31 £12.75