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This kit includes the high performance 4000 Multi-Tool, with innovative features like the EZ Twist nose cap, electronic feedback, collet lock out function and an RPM bandwidth of 5.000 to 35.000.
£94.00 £140.00
There is no better kit for someone sharpening with waterstones for the first time.
£73.00 £89.99
Ideal for intricate furniture restoration, cabinet making etc.
£22.00 £26.99
Z-saw carpentry saw - Ideal for cross cutting conventional sawn wood, plywood, laminated board, etc.
For cleaning flat surfaces or grooves in materials like plastic or steel.
From £2.85
Ideal for intricate furniture restoration, cabinet making etc.
£22.00 £26.99
Ideal for shaping, hollowing, grooving, slotting, inlaying and making tapered holes. Use on wood, fiberglass, ceramics, plastic, jewelry and soft metals.
From £4.60
Kiridashi Kogatana marking knives are made by laminating a high carbon very hard steel (which will take an edge like no other steel) to a softer but tough steel backing.
£10.99 £20.00
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