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Flexcut (Gold) Polishing Compound 510075

Picture of Flexcut (Gold) Polishing Compound 510075
A specially formulated abrasive compound which is applied to the strop like a crayon and imparts a fine polish to the edge of the tool.

Flexcut Powerstrop LeatherWheels 307020

Picture of Flexcut Powerstrop LeatherWheels 307020
Although designed with carvers in mind the benefits of hard leather honing wheels can be used to refine a full range of the sharp edge tools.

Flexcut Powerstrop PWS10 475523

Picture of Flexcut Powerstrop PWS10 475523
Also available is the Standard Powerstrop PWS10 which includes a 90 x 20mm flat hard leather wheel complete with mounting arbor and polishing compound.

Flexcut SlipStrop 717455

Picture of Flexcut SlipStrop 717455
Produced for honing and maintaining the edges on both the inside and outside of gouges and vee tools