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Honing Guides

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Problem solved, sharpen small blades
£47.48 £49.98
For chisels and plane blades; 3mm to 63mm wide
£31.35 £32.98
Specifically designed for the Veritas Mk.II Honing Guide
£22.50 £23.68
Designed to restore blades dulled from normal use
£61.27 £64.48
Integral blade registration squares the blade and sets the bevel angle in one easy step
The most versatile Veritas honing guide set to date.
£107.00 £115.98
Works well with most small or narrow blades
Sharpen plane irons and chisels; blades from 12mm to 72mm wide
Fits onto the standard Veritas Mk.II honing guide
Sharpen mortice chisels with bevel angles of 30° to 35°
Sets both skew and bevel angles
Blade holder may be mounted in a honing guide, or used free hand for sharpening
£18.50 £19.48