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Cake Decorating Hand Tool Kit CD1000

6pc Tool Kit
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Set includes:

  • Microsnips - This is one of Cassie Brown’s favourite tools as it is so versatile. Ideal for snipping Christmas trees, hedgehogs, pine cones and lots more.

  • Small Modelling Knife - Handy, small craft knife with an excellent fine point. Ideal for lots of various tasks; including cutting out thinly rolled sugar for making flowers using templates.

  • Blades for Small Modelling Knife - Replacement Blades for Modelling Knife – small. Supplied in tube of 5 pieces.

  • Tweezers - Curved tips #7 - Stainless Steel, fine ends with serrated jaws. Ideal for moving petals and flowers into place when wiring them into an arrangement, also perfect for picking up small pieces of sugar paste and placing them onto the cake into the perfect position.

  • Water Brush #4 - broad tip - With a wide flat end, this water brush is ideal for use as a glue brush. By filling with water, simply brush over the sugar. Cassie Brown says she only uses water as glue with sugar

  • Fine Wire & Sprue Cutter - For cutting fine wire to the required length.

  • Pink Storage Pouch.


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