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Cassie Brown Sea Holly Cutter Set CD2008/S

Set of 3 Sea Holly Cutters - large, medium and small.
Manufacturer: Cassie Brown
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Set of 3 Sea Holly Cutters - large, medium and small.

  • They look great on their own or all together for maximum effect.

The Cassie Brown range of exclusive cutters are made from food grade stainless steel. This means that when exposed to moisture, when even no more than say a damp atmosphere, they will not corrode or rust. These cutters can be safely immersed in water for washing to release, for example, dried flower paste by softening (by immersion. they can them simply be left to air dry).

Generally, other metal cutters are made of tin plated mild steel. Mild steel will rust. The tin plate acts as a protection to the mild steel but if the mild steel is exposed, say on the cutting edges, it is here the mild steel is vulnerable. The tin plating is applied to the mild steel BEFORE it is cut into cutter making strips. So the edges of all tin plated cutters have the mild steel exposed to the elements which is why they rust.