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Colorfill Andorra CF290

Manufacturer: Colorfill Colour
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Key Features

  • Multi task seal and filler for worktops
  • Bonds the joint together
  • Seals the joint against water and domestic detergents
  • Can be colour matched for almost invisible joints
  • Repair scratches & chips in laminate and melamine surfaces
  • Resists moisture, moderate heat and sunlight
  • No mixing, easy to apply


ColorFill performs many tasks; bonds the joint together, seals the joint against water and domestic detergents and can be colour matched to the worktop so making the finished joint almost invisible. It will also repair scratches and chips in laminate and melamine surfaces. Scientifically formulated and tested to resist moisture, detergent and other household products as efficiently as the laminate and will withstand heat and direct sunlight. Although it is recommended that hot pans and dishes from the oven should not be placed over joints. ColorFill requires no mixing, is easy to apply and is available in handy sized 25g tubes sufficient for one worktop joint. 

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Picture of 25g Tube
25g Tube

Picture of 25g Tube + 20ml Solvent
25g Tube + 20ml Solvent

Picture of 25g Tube + 150ml Solvent
25g Tube + 150ml Solvent

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