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Base S3 Safety Boots B716 Camel Top

Safety Rating S3
Manufacturer: Base
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Key Features

  • Slim Cap
  • Dry'n Air Plus
  • Smell Stop
  • Ideal For Extreme Conditions 
  • For Hot and Cold Temperature
  • Sizes 6 -12
  • Beige

Short Description:

The classic premium boot - ideal for extreme conditions with full insulation for hot & cold temperatures. S3 HRO HI CI SRC. EN-ISO 20345: 2011



A metal free toe cap, which is as strong as conventional metal designs and much thinner than other non metal toe caps on the market 

The SlimCap is non-magnetic and thermally insulated. 
Tested up to 200 Joules 
Will not set metal detectors off if working in a secure environment 


Dry'n Air Plus

A patented ventilation system which uses the foots natural movement as a pump to circulate cool air down through holes in the inner sole of the shoe and along specially designed airways before being expelled. 

This means that air circulates freely around the shoe and any moisture in the shoe is absorbed and expelled by the cool air. 
As a result it prevents feet from becoming sweaty and other associated conditions such as athletes foot. 
It keeps feet cool 
it keeps feet and shoes fresh 

Dry'n Air Plus contains all the same technology as Dry'n Air with the added addition of a raised insole and puncture resistant barrier. 


Smell Stop

Smell Stop is an anti-odour lining, that prevents bacteria and fungus responsible for odours, from taking hold anywhere in your shoes. 

Prevents Bacteria and Fungus build up which stops bad smells and helps prevent conditions such as athletes foot.


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