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Japanese Nakiri Knife 165mm YS-NA165W

Quite simply, "Nakiri" is Japanese for vegetable knife.
Manufacturer: Tools From Japan
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Key Features

  • Blade length 165mm

  • Blade thickness 2mm

  • Overall length 320mm

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Quite simply, "Nakiri" is Japanese for vegetable knife. The Japanese Nakiri knife is sure to attract your attention due to it's interesting shape yet the blade is perfect for slicing, dicing and chopping vegetables of all kinds.

Tyzack are excited to offer this new range of Japanese kitchen knives. These knives feature a double laminated blade with a white paper steel core and are manufactured using an authentic Japanese hand forging process. White paper steel is a traditional high carbon steel that is often used for Japanese knives. 

This type of steel allows for an extremely sharp cutting edge that is vastly superior to normal stainless steel kitchen knives. Susceptibility to surface rust is an unavoidable attribute of high carbon steel knives, however the ease of sharpening and superior edge of these knives is worth the small amount of maintenance necessary to maintain them. The lamination manufacturing technique allows the high carbon edge holding steel to be forged between rust resistant steel

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