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BMI Pocket Quicky Tape Metric

Think of it as a rolled up folding rule that unrolls of its own accord until you stop it.
Manufacturer: BMI
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Key Features

  • Refined steel tape, white enamelled
  • Absolutely waterproof
  • 2m or 3m long and 16mm wide
  • Accuracy according EC class II
  • 2m or 3m Metric
  • Due to a special treatment of the refined steel tape, the tape rolls out on its own.


It is not just the cool design that distinguishes this tape measure. It is also extremely practical: in contrast to other tape measures, with a rounded top, on this measure, the bottom is also rounded so that you can get a much more precise lineal measurement, as with a straight ruler. When measuring and marking on a wall, this tape is especially useful because the band is very stable, and the round, open housing is also very light so that the band held on the wall won’t kink and fall away, and can be held easily in place to mark the distance needed. The band, in white painted stainless steel, is waterproof, unbreakable, light, and very durable. Push on the stopper, and the band will roll itself up. 


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Picture of BMI Pocket Tape 429 2m
BMI Pocket Tape 429 2m

Picture of BMI Pocket Tape 429 3m
BMI Pocket Tape 429 3m

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