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Veritas Beam Compass 474583 05N30.01

For circles from 38mm(1.1/2") to 610mm(24") in diameter
Manufacturer: Veritas
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Key Features

  • For circles from 38mm(1.1/2") to 610mm(24") in diameter
  • Additional sections for up to 2,030mm(80")
  • Carbide-tipped points
  • Micro-adjust feature
  • In wooden case

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There are some circle layout jobs that ordinary compasses just aren't suitable for, a beam compass (or trammel) is much more practical especially when drawing large diameter accurately. Using a single beam section, the Veritas® beam compass deals with circles from 38mm(1.1/2") to 610mm(24") in diameter. Additional sections take you up to 2,030mm(80") for circular tables, rockers, arches, etc. It has carbide-tipped points that readily scribe metal as well as wood, although the pencil head is usually used for marking out on wood. A micro-adjust feature quickly gives accurate settings. All of this comes in a fitted wooden case that even includes a small brass centre pivot disc for use where it is important not to mar work. The beams are steel and the fittings are all solid brass.


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