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Veritas Shoulder Vice Screw 475258 70G01.51

Used to build an L-shaped shoulder vice on a Scandinavian-style workbench.
Manufacturer: Veritas
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Key Features

  • Used to build both types of tail vice, with or without a shoulder
  • 28mm (1.1/8") diameter Acme lead screw
  • 185mm (7.1/4") clamping capacity
  • 330mm (13") overall length
  • Cast iron and steel components
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This vice can be used for both types of tail vice with or without a shoulder. It has guide plates 50mm(2") wide by 380mm(15") long. The maximum opening is 200mm(8") (less the thickness of your wooden jaws). The single-lead Acme screw is 22mm(7/8") in diameter.

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