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Z-Saw Japanese S-250 Double Edged Saw 30007 Ryoba Saws Fine / Rip

Once the indispensable armor of Japanese professional carpenters, convenient when both cross and rip cutting are necessary.
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Key Features

  • 250mm long double-edged blade
  • One edge has teeth for fast effortless ripping
  • Opposite edge with crosscut teeth producing clean cut surface
  • Made for the Japanese professional carpenter, no compromise on quality
  • Traditional bamboo wrapped handle
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Pitch: 1.4mm
Blade Length: 250mm
Blade Thickness: 0.50mm
Kerf: 0.70mm


An indispensable tool in the Japanese carpenter’s armoury, the Ryoba combines cross and rip cutting in a single saw. Instead of 2 saws, this dual-purpose saw performs both functions exceptionally well, for far less outlay. The Ryoba is the ultimate tenon saw, one side for ripping the cheeks, the other for crosscutting the shoulders. It produces a straight cut, and leaves a silky smooth finish.

The handle features a traditional bamboo wrapped grip. The double-sided replaceable blade is 250mm long. The rip teeth are smaller, closer to the handle to aid in starting a cut. The rip teeth get progressively larger towards the end of the blade. As the cut commences the larger teeth bring the full effectiveness to bear on the timber. Rip cutting with a Ryoba is a remarkably quick and effortless task in comparison to traditional western ripsaws.

Blade length: 250mm, crosscut pitch: 1.4mm, blade thickness: 0.50mm, kerf: 0.70mm, overall length 600mm.


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Picture of Double Edge S-250
Double Edge S-250
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Blades for Double Edge S-250




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