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Ulmia Mitre Clamp Pliers 172

Used to Apply Ulmia Miter Clamp Rings (Sold Separately)
Manufacturer: Ulmia
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The Ulmia Miter Clamp pliers are used to apply all 6 sizes of clamping rings. Step up to quality! The Miter Clamp System by Ulmia is the original German version of an incredibly useful type of clamp that has been cheaply-and badly-copied by lesser suppliers. Get the best quality tool for best quality results. Works great for mitered joints such as casing, crown moldings, picture frames as well as holding parts together for assembly. The clamp puts just enough pressure on your miters to create a perfect glue joint that won't fail. A woodworker's best friend, a tool that should be in every trim carpenter or cabinet maker's toolbox. You'll be impressed how easily you can clamp and align many types of joints.

Grip made of light alloy, with cam pairs welded on two sides for selective application of spring
clamps. Cam pair A to grip clamps size a-d, cam pair B to grip clamp sizes e and f. The spring clamp
sizes to use depend on the stock width being clamped.