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Vallorbe Midget Needle Files

Designed for precision or delicate work
Manufacturer: Vallorbe
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  • Very accurately made
  • Designed for precision or delicate work
  • 155mm(6.1/4") overall length
  • Universal needle file handle also available

Needle files are also known as Swiss Pattern or Jeweller's files. These small files are very accurately made and designed for precision work or delicate small work. Overall length is approximately 155mm. Also available is the 300189 universal needle file handle for all needle files.

Vallorbe Vallorbe Midget Needle Files

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Pillar Needle File 600101

Half Round Needle File 600102

Crossing Needle File 600103

Knife Needle File 600104

Warding Needle File 600105

3 Square (Triangular) Needle File 600106

Sqaure Needle File 600107

Round Needle File 600108

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