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2235mm (88") Bandsaw Blade

Perform CCBB, Startrite Bandit/301, Elektra BAS315/316, AlKo BS550, Draper BS305, Charnwood W720
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Find the right bandsaw blade

Bandsaw Blades 4,675mm(184") x 2"

3 tpi (Skip form)

Used for deep cutting especially rip cuts, this blade will leave a rough sawn finish although slow feed rate and high tension will improve the finish of the cut.

4 tpi (Skip form)

Good for general purpose use with a degree of cutting across the grain and with the grain, a reasonable finish can be achieved with slower feed rates and good tension.

6 tpi (skip form)

The ideal general purpose blade suitable for cross cutting up to 150mm and ripping in sections up to 50mm thick although thicker sections can be cut using slow feed rate. This tooth form will give a clean finish and is very well suited to natural timbers.

10 tpi (Regular)

Good for cutting plywood and MDF as well as non-ferrous metals and plastics. The finish is good when cutting natural timbers but the feed rate should be slow and maximum depth of cut should not exceed 50mm. When cutting metal reduce the speed as much as possible especially when cutting ferrous metals or cast iron.

14 tpi (Regular)

A very clean cutting blade for plywood, plastics and MDF although too fine for natural timbers unless they are very thin sections. The 14 tpi blade is very good to use on slow speeds when cutting non-ferrous metals. A slow feed speed should be used at all times with a blade tooth pitch this fine. 

Circle Cutting

The table below shows the minimum radius of curvature achievable for each blade width when contour sawing on vertical bandsaw.

Blade Width 13mm (1/2") 10mm (3/8") 6mm (1/4") 5mm (3/16") 3mm (1/8")
Min Radius 63mm (2-1/2") 27mm (1-1/16") 19mm (3/4") 13mm (1/2") 10mm (3/8")


Hakansson bandsaw blades are widely recognized as technically the most advanced bandsaw blade available.  a result of Hakansson's extensive investment in heat treatment technology, today its 'Silco' high silicon steel blade is one of the best carbon steel blades on the market.



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1/4" Width Blade
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