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Veritas Rip & Crosscut Tenon Saws

The saw has a 275mm (11") long by 0.5mm thick high-carbon steel blade filed crosscut at 14tpi.
Manufacturer: Veritas
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Key Features

  • Choose from rip cut 9tpi or crosscut 12tpi
  • High-carbon steel blades 400mm long
  • Brass nut secures comfortable Bubinga handle
  • Exellent feel and balance

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The unique designs of the Veritas carcass saws and dovetail saws have proved to be extremely popular and Veritas have now introduced two superb 400mm tenon saws to complement their range. They combine the best characteristics of this fine classic joinery saw with those of state-of-the-art materials and construction methods. The tooth pattern on the thin high-carbon steel blades provide a good balance between cutting action and surface finish. The design of the Bubinga wooden handle has been developed to give good power transfer while still allowing a three or four finger grip for precise control. Available in crosscut and rip cut versions, the crosscut being excellent for trimming parts to length or for use with a mitre box. The rip saw is optimised for the fast accurate cutting of tenon cheeks and similar cutting operations with the grain. 

The crosscut saw has 12tpi with a 15° rake and an included angle of 60°, set is 0.06720mm per side. The teeth are filed at an alternating 75° angle to the blade, which creates a 15° bevel on each tooth.The rip saw has 9tpi with a 14° rake using the typical 60° included angle, set is the same as on the crosscut saw.To fully appreciate the beauty, handling and performance of these saws, we are afraid you are just going to have to treat yourself.



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Picture of Rip Tenon Saw 9tpi 506361 05T14.01
Rip Tenon Saw 9tpi 506361 05T14.01
Old price:  £107.95
Picture of Crosscut Tenon Saw 12tpi 506362 05T14.05
Crosscut Tenon Saw 12tpi 506362 05T14.05
Old price:  £107.95
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